Zeke is my right hand man, and provides our clients with many valuable services.  Zeke is a good listener; he listens intently to our buyers as they discuss what features they would like their Outer Banks home to have…


And he gives them his undivided attention when they list the features their Obx home simply MUST have.


Armed with that information, Zeke goes right to work matching the best properties listed for sale in the Outer Banks mls to our client’s stated desires and price range.  Often, Zeke will work straight through important segments of his day in order to respond promptly to our buyer’s requests.

“Sorry, Mom.  Can't play fetch right now...I'm just finishing up an email to Dan and Marie. Think I've found the perfect house for them!  Give me 10 more minutes, then we'll play. Promise!”


While Zeke is usually a good co-pilot when out showing property,


He occasionally shows off his back seat driver skills.


Zeke also makes instructional videos from time to time.  In the video below, Zeke show us how Outer Banks buyers who don’t engage the services of an experienced buyer’s agent (like us, for example!) are simply spinning their wheels, (er, horses).


Below, Zeke illustrates how important it is to consider your favorite belongings when contemplating a new Obx home, because sometimes, they might not be a good fit.


Zeke understands how critical it is to feather your nest, and get everything just the way you want it.


Zeke can also relate to our Outer Banks sellers who state that they have outgrown their current home, and need to find a larger one…


When Zeke gets overwhelmed at work, it’s time to call in the reinforcements.  His brother Zack, (who conveniently lives across the street), is quick to respond, at the ready to assist in showing property.


Zack even helps Zeke with instructional pictures and videos of his own on occasion.  Below, Zack demonstrates how sublime it is to enjoy a good view of the golf course.


And here, Zack shows us just how frustrating (and darned inconvenient) it is when the view is not what it should be.


After hours, Zeke enjoys bird and squirrel watching on the back deck.


He also enjoys visiting with his friends on long morning walks around the neighborhood, as well as spending quality time with his brother in the afternoons.


In the evenings, Zeke likes catching up on his favorite TV shows.  The ultimate Walking Dead fan, here Zeke calmly watches the mid-season finale.  (Unlike me, Zeke took Beth’s death rather well).


There is nothing Zeke likes any better than receiving a testimonial from satisfied clients…as you can see he’s pretty excited about our review from  Frank and Debbie Samuel.


Zeke’s promise to our buyers is that he will not stop until he sniffs out the very best deal for you.  For our sellers, Zeke is committed to digging deep and securing the best price and terms for your property. 

I’m certain you will find, just as I have, that there is no better assistant than Zeke.  Because even when he’s off work, he’s still got one ear up, listening out on what’s happening in the Outer Banks real estate market, just for you.


Zeke is here to assist you with all your Outer Banks real estate needs, whether buying or selling.  So when you’re ready, just reach out, and he will timely respond…well, he’ll get back to you right after his nap.



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