Welcome to this portion of the website, which will be devoted to all of the Outer Banks events, attractions and outdoor activities that the OBX is so well known for.  You will want to visit OBXING often, as new additions to this section will be frequent.

Why commit so much time to developing non-real estate related information?  The answer is simple.  My clients know me to be a full service Outer Banks realtor®, and often, part of my service means assisting new home owners in becoming more familiar with the Outer Banks, and all that it has to offer.

Well, rather than provide this information one on one as I have done in the past, I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper and make this as fun and informative an experience for you as I can.  Once you realize how varied the Outer Banks is, you will find new ways to appreciate this beautiful area, and you may even take up a new hobby or two!  

My approach in this section will be radically different than what you will find on other websites.  I intend to provide you with information in a format that is real, that is local, and that is first-hand.  Moving forward, I will be stepping outside my comfort zone in some areas in order to provide you with as rich an experience as possible.  I’m looking at this as a personal adventure, and anticipate finding new ways to deepen my own appreciation of the Outer Banks, which I am so fortunate to call my home.

So come along with me in my many exploits (just as soon as the weather warms up a bit), and find out what it is really like to be ‘OBXING’! 



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