Once we go under contract, that’s when the heavy lifting begins.  I am present at EVERY inspection.  Because so many of my buyers live out of state, it’s quite rare that their schedules will allow them to be present for the many inspections that will be performed; so I believe it's my job to be your eyes and ears if you cannot attend.

As I mentioned, there will be several inspections of the property you are considering purchasing.  The first inspection I schedule is always the home inspection, because this is the inspection that reveals the most about the current condition of the major components of the home.

Because this home inspection is so revealing, it is likely that once the report is in, I’ll need to contact some local service vendors for repair quotes.  I’ll get those quotes to you right away, so that you can decide whether or not you want to proceed with the purchase transaction.

I step through the inspections in an orderly fashion, rather than ordering them all at once in a ‘buckshot’ approach.  Yes, it is more time consuming on my end to do it this way; however, I don’t want to spend your money unnecessarily.  If all the inspections are ordered at once, and some performed prior to the home inspection that ultimately turns out to be a deal breaker, then you cannot recover any of the monies spent on inspections that have already been performed…which is why I’m willing to order the inspections one at a time.

I’ve got an excellent home inspector and I've used his services for over a dozen years.  He has inspected hundreds of properties, as well as inspected every property I have personally purchased.  He is timely, almost always arriving before I do (and I pride myself on not being late).  Unlike some others, he invites my buyers to be present, even though he realizes this will slow down the inspection progress. 

He feels (as I do) that this is an invaluable opportunity for my buyers to really get to know the property, how it was built, and why things were done in a certain way.  My buyers greatly appreciate being able to be present, and I can honestly say, I continue to learn something new at each inspection.

If you're purchasing a home with a pool and/or hot tub, he will inspect these items at an additional charge.

When the quotes have come in and you feel comfortable proceeding towards closing, then the next inspection I order is the pest.  While the home inspection run several hundred dollars, the pest inspection is $75 - $85, and is quite simply, the best money you will spend during the transaction.  Unfortunately, our environment is the perfect habitat for termites, and so it is crucial to check for past damage as well as active termites.

After the pest inspection, it's time to check the septic system.  While there are some subdivisions that are on community sewer, most are not, and so the tank needs to be checked to make sure it's in good working condition.  In order to perform the inspection, the tank must first be pumped.

If the home you're purchasing has an elevator, it will need to be inspected to make sure it is in compliance with all safety rules and regulations, and that it is in good working condition.

Once all the inspections are completed, it's time to order the survey.  I have an excellent surveyor who responds timely to my survey requests.

While there are many Outer Banks real estate attorneys, as in every other profession here at the beach as well as in your home town, some people excel in their professions.  You need an attorney who is skilled in title search, who can answer your legal questions, and knows how to handle deed issues as they arise.

There are many moving pieces throughout a given transaction, and all of them should run smoothly.  That's the difference an experienced agent can provide - making the transaction seamless and stepping you through the process at every turn.  While no transaction is stress-free, my goal is to make it as hassle-free as possible, which is one of the main reasons why my clients return to use my services again and again. 

























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