What Clients Are Saying

What Clients Are Saying

NINE Transactions with Holleay as my Obx realtor!

I first met Holleay in 2003, and I've bought and sold 9 properties with her since then.

Holleay has never once 'sold' me; instead, she has informed me so that I can make educated real estate decisions.

I appreciate her frankness. She makes sure that I'm aware of not only the positives, but the negatives of each property I'm considering. For me, that kind of honesty is a breath of fresh air to find in a real estate agent.

You get to know someone pretty well when you've done as much business together as we have, and I can tell you this much: Holleay is the real deal.

When I'm ready to buy, she does her homework and her research gives me the edge during negotiations. She becomes very determined during negotiations, and that's when I'm glad she's on my side!

When it's time to sell, Holleay gets the job done for me. Her marketing plan is second to none, and her focused efforts pay off. In fact, she just put my last property under contract recently.

Holleay knows this market inside and out. She is armed with a team of professionals that make my transactions smooth and easy.

The biggest mistake you can make is not having Holleay represent your interests, because she has represented mine flawlessly for 10 years.

-Stuart Miller
Williamston, NC

THREE transactions with Holleay, the best Outer Banks real estate agent!

Holleay has represented us three times as our Outer Banks buyer's agent.

We found that Holleay really listened to our needs, and helped us find just the right properties that suited our investment strategy.

Once we decided on a property, Holleay went to work negotiating for us. Her negotiating skills are extraordinary, and having seen her in action several times now, we think that Holleay is very unique in her ability to secure the best price and terms possible.

She just doesn't quit.

We want only the best agent working for us, and we're pleased to say that she is.

-Glenn and Virginia Gurganus

Holleay Has Become a Friend and Trusted Advisor

When we decided to buy a beach house five hours from our home, we knew that it would be challenging. But Holleay made the entire transaction fun - and successful.

She helped us find a beautiful oceanfront home in the perfect location. Then, she shepherded us through the contract negotiation process and ensured that we paid a price with which we were very pleased.

Once we were under contract, Holleay didn't stop working on our behalf. She tirelessly coordinated with our lender, home inspector, and general contractor.

She personally went to check on our home after a hurricane! And after we closed, she has continued to be a sounding board and resource.

We've worked with a lot of real estate agents through the years, and some we have liked better than others. But none of them are like Holleay.

She has become a friend and trusted advisor. We cannot recommend her highly enough.

-Jeff and Natalie Green

Holleay Parcker Is simply the BEST Outer Banks Realtor

We stumbled on to Holleay's website when we were starting to look at listings in OBX over a year ago. When we read the many testimonials, our first thought was that they were too good to be true. However, there was a consistent theme that seemed genuine. This diverse group of people loved the experience of working with Holleay.

We have rented on the outer banks for 15 years and started to think about owning a home a couple of years ago. This is a huge decision for anyone, and for us it was a process that took time to feel like it was right. We started an active search with Holleay over a year ago, found something that seemed right, then got cold feet and stopped. Holleay, was nothing but supportive. We let it sit for a few months and started looking again.

In October, we found our home. It felt right from the moment we walked in. We decided to make an offer. This is the point when you really understand how good Holleay is. She is your advocate making sure you get the best deal possible and that nothing goes wrong. We closed this week and could not be happier with the result.

This is what sets Holleay apart:

She cares and she is all in for you

She has deep experience in the OBX real estate market - There is nothing we asked that she could not answer in depth

She has access to an extensive network of professionals that really helps to make you comfortable with the significant commitment you need to make to own a home on the Outer Banks

Holleay works to understand you and what you are looking for - she will work at your pace and will not push you into something you are hesitant with

She is supper responsive, thorough, competent, and detail oriented - you will never be left hanging

You will feel like you are her only client

She is a straight shooter and will not hesitate to tell you the unvarnished truth from her view

She is fun to work with

-Hal & Susan Jungerheld

We HIGHLY Recommend Holleay Without Hesitation

We purchased our Outer Banks home in Corolla and after doing a search on the internet, we think we struck GOLD when we found Holleay. Being a savvy businesswoman and a true professional, Holleay established trust and credibility over several months before we met her face to face. When we finally met, we felt we had known her for years.

Being business owners in the Washington DC area, we are accustomed to dealing with extremely professional business people. Holleay exceeds these criteria, and brings so much more to an absentee owner of property on the Outer Banks. She maintains relationships with bankers, attorneys, vendors, adn many others which have proved invaluable to us over the years.

After the closing on our property, Holleay did not disappear. She continued to work with us, and kept us abreast of market conditions throughout the time we owned our beach house. We always felt she was just a phone call away.

When we made the decision to sell our Outer Banks home, we called Holleay. We could not have been more pleased with her success in selling our home quickly and at a good price, given the very difficult current market conditions.

We HIGHLY recommend Holleay without hesitation for any Outer Banks real estate needs you may have. And when we're ready to purchase another property there, you can believe Holleay will be our only call!

-Bill and Kathleen Garnett
Great Falls, VA

Holleay Helped Us Buy Our Outer Banks Oceanfront Home in Just 19 Days!

The purchase of our first vacation Outer Banks rental investment property was accomplished with the help of our buyer's agent, Holleay Parcker.

Holleay did her homework and found us exactly what we were looking for in an Obx investment property. In fact, we decided to purchase the second home she showed us!

We were grateful for her expertise and negotiating skills in writing the contract. She was able to negotiate both price and terms that we are very pleased with.

Holleay's professionalism during the closing process was incredible. Her team went into action immediately after the offer was accepted, and 19 days later, we closed, allowing us to reap the financial benefits of high-season rents! Her ability to get our home closed quickly put several thousands of dollars in our pockets that a lengthy closing would have cost us.

Thanks, Holleay, for helping us achieve one of our financial goals and a beautiful oceanfront home on the Outer Banks.

We'll gladly refer you to our friends looking to purchase property in Dare County. And when we're ready to purchase our second investment property, we'll know who to call!

-Randy Hirscher
Manassas, VA

Holleay Provides Committed, Tireless, Honest and Frank Counsel

Thank you for your commitment to and tireless efforts in finding the right home for us. I knew immediately after my initial telephone conversation that you were the right Outer Banks buyer's agent for us.

You are not only a good listener and absorb a lot of information well, but also think 'outside the box' and anticipate the benefits and drawbacks of a particular Obx investment property and whether it will prove profitable in the future -- just what a successful Outer Banks real estate agent should do!

We appreciated your honesty and candor in discussing investment opportunities with us. We always knew your thoughts concerning a property we were considering. This gave us comfort in realizing that for you, it was not about the sales commission; it was about finding the right home for your clients.

Thanks also for your dedication and responsiveness. You always made us feel like we were your only clients.

We particularly liked the fact that you were strategic and tenacious in our contract negotiations with the sellers. We knew our interests were well represented.

Finally, thanks for being you. Your competence is reassuring; your personality, delightful. We look forward to continuing our relationship as we expand our Outer Banks investment portfolio.

-Andre and Allyson Owens
Columbia, MD

Holleay Surpassed ALL Of My Expectations

Of all the real estate agents with whom I have come in contact with, Holleay Parcker has surpassed all of my expectations.

I contacted her and set up an appointment to see an Outer Banks home for sale I had found online on her site. About 15 minutes later, Holleay called me from the house and gave me a detailed 'phone tour' of each room, then promptly emailed me pictures!

She had contacted the listing agent only to find that the house had an offer on it and was being sold within the hour.

Not to be defeated, she persuaded the listing agent to accept a 'blind offer' to give me enough time to see the property. She then hunted down a mortgage lender (on a Sunday!), and got me the Prequalification Letter that was mandatory to submit with the offer.

When I arrived, Holleay devoted her day to showing me comparable homes, so I would be sure I had made the right decision in purchasing this one.

Further, Holleay spent time with me, real time, separate and apart from the Obx real estate purchase, to show me all the local places of interest, as well as giving me a fascinating history of the area I had chosen to spend a big part of my time. Her genuine love and appreciation of the Outer Banks further enhanced my excitement about my purchase.

Holleay's professionalism and knowledge continually shines through her dedication, genuine concern and devotion to me as her client. She is savvy and unsurpassed in her field, and I have already recommended her to two of my friends.

-Paulette E Matthews
Virginia Beach, VA

Holleay Made Our Outer Banks Dreams Come True!

Dear Holleay:

We would like to thank you for being as fabulous as you are! Our quest to buy a home began with contacting several agents in the Outer Banks area and you were the only knowledgeable person that responded to our e-mail.

Your enthusiasm and insight into the Obx real estate market helped broaden our range of potential homes. Ironically, we selected a home that we originally hadn't considered but your understanding and perception of our wish list helped you to identify the perfect Obx home for us!

Our one day tour of homes must have broken all records but we appreciate your dedication to our needs and especially our wants. By the following day we had a contract in hand for a beautiful second home!

Ken and I can't thank you enough for all you have done to make our dreams of owning a second home in the Outer Banks a reality.

Your passion and helpfulness has sparked more than just a client - real estate agent relationship; YOU have become an important part of our enjoyment of the OBX.

Thanks again for everything!

-Ken & Teresa Bingman
Newport News, VA

TWELVE transactions with Holleay as Our Outer Banks Realtor

I've known Holleay for years now. She's assisted our family with exactly one dozen transactions to date.

Holleay is a true professional - she's knowledgeable about the Obx real estate market, and she's the first to recognize an opportunity.

We consider Holleay to be a powerful asset. Often, during a real estate negotiation, we've remarked to one another how fortunate we are that Holleay's working for us, instead of the other guy.

If you've found Holleay, then by all means engage her services. You'll find that your Obx real estate decisions just got a whole lot easier, because you're working with the best Obx realtor on the beach.

-M Richard Howell
Kitty Hawk, NC

Holleay is TOPS on Our List!

Holleay made our beach house purchase a wonderful experience. Her knowledge and expertise of real estate transactions on the Outer Banks was phenomenal. Every step of the way she was there to guide us and provide insightful information to make the purchase happen fast and efficiently.

Holleay has built great relationships with the folks that make it happen prior to purchase. We had a great experience with David, our lender, whom Holleay recommended, along with all the other inspectors and carpenters that are on her team. She knew who to call and they were quick to the task when called upon.

Holleay is very detail oriented and will take the time and effort to see the purchase or sale through. When you are buying or selling from out of town, it is reasuring to know you have someone on the ground to take care of your business.

Holleay is TOPS on our list, and is simply the BEST Outer Banks realtor! We would highly recommend her services to anyone interested in buying or selling real estate on the Outer Banks.

Thanks again, Holleay.

-Thomas & Beth Darden
Smithfield, VA

Holleay Parcker is the COMPLETE Package

My wife Sue and I had the very good fortune of meeting Holleay in the early spring of 2013. Myself, having grown up on a beach in Australia, and both my wife and I having spent many recent summer vacations with her side of the family in Kitty Hawk, had been mulling over the idea of a second home near the beach for several years.

A casual internet search over the waning winter months led me to blindly contact Holleay, as she was the listing agent on a sound front property that had piqued our interest. While that particular property had just gone under contract, Holleay proved delightful and eager to aid in our search for the perfect Outer Banks home for sale.

Based on our specific wants and needs (yet somewhat limited price range), she was able to present us with a sizeable list of Outer Banks homes that fit our desired beach house criteria. As my wife and I poured over the list and began to whittle the field down to the properties of primary interest, Holleay began to enlighten us to the many intricacies of buying a vacation home on the Outer Banks.

Her local knowledge, experienced real estate acumen, and plainspoken insight were qualities we benefited from greatly throughout the entire process of finding our new Outer Banks home.

Of the group of properties we selected for our initial tour, my wife and I had a particular affinity for a specific home that unbeknownst to us had several complicating factors. Holleay patiently explained these issues with critical honesty, revealing how they may prove problematic, and she quickly relayed other pertinent information to us that she garnered from her discussions with the seller's agent.

Holleay clearly had our best interests in mind as she frankly pointed out several insurmountable obstacles, and we were soon able to effectively cross that property off of our list.

Not long after, we toured another home that we saw great potential in, but one that was in need of extensive updates and TLC. Recognizing the necessary work involved in satisfactorily renovating the home, with the mindful guidance of Holleay, we submitted an offer well below the asking price - one that would have afforded us the financial room to make these updates.

Holleay again proved herself a staunch advocate for our interests, but after several days of volleying price negotiations, the crevasse between the seller's desired price point and our own proved too great.

The point in sharing these experiences is merely to demonstrate that in the hands of someone less scrupled and vigilant our own eagerness may have proved an "easy sale" for the agent, but one rife with complex problems for our family after the fact.

After reassessing, and some creative thinking outside of the box, Holleay then raised the prospect of looking at available parcels of land and building a new construction home from scratch. Understandably, my wife and I were both very hesitant at first. Having no personal experience in building either of our previous homes, a limited price range, and being some distance preventing us from directly overseeing the new construction of a vacation home on the Outer Banks, we were cautiously intrigued by the possibility, but certainly aware of our limitations.

After several weeks of deliberations and careful consideration, Holleay began to patiently guide us through the process, suggesting several available lots, introducing us to an Outer Banks builder she had worked with on several occasions, and helping us to more clearly see the big picture.

We found a vacant lot that we loved, and Holleay aggressively negotiated the best possible price we could have hoped for. In conjunction with our Outer Banks builder, she helped us flesh out ideas for building the most practical and appealing home within our price point, and helped to facilitate discussions with our lender, insurance agent, and real estate attorney.

My wife and I are THRILLED that construction has begun on our new home and we would recommend Holleay's services to anyone. She is the complete package - honest, timely, experienced, and ABSOLUTELY the person you want in your corner, if you are considering buying or selling Outer Banks real estate.

-Craig & Sue McAndrew
Annandale, VA

I am Privileged to call Holleay both my Outer Banks Realtor and my Friend

My husband and I recently purchased our dream house in Corolla. Holleay has been on an exciting journey with us to find the right house at the right price at the right time. We would not have this home without her.

Holleay is so knowledgeable about every aspect of Outer Banks real estate. She is fiercely protective of her clients - a great advocate in a process that can be intimidating. She answers your calls, gets back to you ASAP, and is always one step ahead of the game.

Perhaps most importantly, Holleay is just such a wonderful person to work with. She is a genuinely caring person who truly wants you to realize you dreams, and she will do all she can to help you get there.

I am privileged to call Holleay both my Outer Banks realtor...and my friend.

-Lisa Starczewski
Phoenixvilla, PA

The Sale of My Outer Banks Property Was Accomplished With Integrity and the Utmost Professionalism

I am so thankful that Holleay took me on as a client in this difficult real estate market.

My experience with Holleay was exceptional in every way. The listing, selling and closing of my property was accomplished with integrity and the utmost professionalism.

Holleay's knowledge of the local market and her marketing strategy made all of the difference.

I look forward to working with her again.

-Nancy Bayne
Lanexa, VA

Holleay Does Not Stop Until She Finds You The PERFECT Fit!

We were looking for property on the Outer Banks last winter, and I called on a home we passed one day, to inquire about its availability. It was one of Holleay's listings.

Holleay answered the phone and from that moment we felt completely at ease with her.

While the home we initially called on proved not to be a good fit for us, Holleay agreed to meet with us the next day and show us some she thought might be a better fit. Even before we met, we feel Holleay had a good idea of what we were looking for.

Well, once we looked at what was available, we decided that we needed to build to make our dream home on the Outer Banks a reality. Holleay located a lot that was perfect! She even introduced us to our Outer Banks builder.

We are currently building our dream house, and should be living in the Outer Banks by the close of 2013.

Holleay has so much energy, is so professional, and she does not stop until she finds you the PERFECT fit. We are so grateful to her!

-Bob & Linda DeFrancisco
Bridgeport, PA

Holleay is Different than other Obx Real Estate Agents

My wife and I met Holleay 4 and 1/2 years ago. We were looking to buy on the Outer Banks and, by chance, came across a listing she had. I called her to arrange a meeting.

We were blown away with her preparation, knowledge and the fact that she made us feel totally comfortable that she was working for US. We have purchased one lot and one house using her expertise.

I wholeheartedly recommend Holleay to anyone who wants to be represented by the best in her field. You only have to sit down and talk with Holleay to quickly understand that she is different from other real estate agents...in a very good way! We'll never use anyone else.

-John Rice
Richmond, VA

Holleay is a Top Notch Outer Banks Real Estate Agent

Holleay worked with us as the buyer's agent when we bought our house and again as the seller's agent when we decided to sell our Outer Banks property.

Our experience with Holleay was one that we will not forget. She was professional in her work, knowledgeable about the current Outer Banks real estate market, and at the same time exhibited a great sense of humor.

When dealing with closing, we had no surprises as she left no stone unturned in assuring we were aware of everything to expect.

If we were to have any real estate dealings on the Outer Banks in the future, we would definitely call Holleay. If you're thinking about buying or selling on the Obx, and you want a top notch agent, then you should call her too.

-Danny & Martha Crawley

Holleay is Far and Away the Best Agent I Have Ever Encountered

Having served in the United States Navy for over 28 years has given my family and I the opportunity to live abroad in four countries and six states here at home.

This rather nomadic lifestyle has also presented me with the chance to purchase homes in a wide variety of real estate markets and to deal with the full gamut of real estate agents.

Holleay Parcker is far and away the best agent I have ever encountered.

Her market sense, knowledge of the intricacies of transactions and most importantly, follow up after the sale, was instrumental in making my latest purchase the least stressful and most enjoyable ever.

Thank you Holleay. Jaime and I would not have achieved our dream of owning a vacation home in the Outer Banks if not for your incredible tenacity, absolute professionalism and unbelievable work ethic.

-Capt. Mike Jamesnik
Norfolk, VA

I Felt that I Had Known Holleay Forever

From the first time I spoke with Holleay on the phone I felt as though I had known her forever.

Her knowledge of the Outer Banks was immediately obvious. Her willingness to share her knowledge and educate us in the process was a gift.

Holleay and the team of professionals she has surrounded herself with made buying our Outer Banks home a positive experience in so many ways.

It's hard to believe that Holleay had other clients she was assisting, based on the incredible amount of time and effort she put into helping us.

We will not hesitate to recommend Holleay to anyone interested in buying or selling on the Outer Banks, and we will certainly use her services in the future.

THANK YOU Holleay for helping us make our Obx beach house a reality!

-Judy Peel
La Plata, MD

When We Found Holleay, We Found the Best Obx Realtor

We had been looking online and riding around the area for about a year before we decided to contact an agent and do some serious looking.

Not knowing any Obx realtors, we really had no idea how to go about finding one that would be a good match for us.

Holleay was the first Obx agent we called and when we met her, we knew that quite simply, there was no need for us to look any further.

From that point on, Holleay made the whole process so easy; she found the perfect beach house for us; we closed and spent the weekend in our new place within 17 days of making an offer.

Holleay handled all of the details on our behalf and she continues to be a valuable resource for us.

More importantly, Holleay has become a good friend!

-Craig & Suzanne Downar
Hertford, NC

FOUR Transactions with Holleay as my Obx Realtor!

I've known Holleay for ten years, and in that time, I've sold 3 properties and bought 1 with Holleay as my Obx realtor.

Holleay recently listed my home in Avalon Beach, and it sold in just 42 days - in this market!

I can highly recommend Holleay to you because she has provided excellent service to me time and time again.

If you're ready to buy or sell on the Outer Banks, you need Holleay on your side.

-Dorothy Perry
Hertford, NC

We Found the Best Real Estate Agent in the WORLD!

My wife and I got married in September 2011, and then we started looking into buying a house on the Outer Banks. As our home search started, we were privileged enough to get in contact with Holleay through a referral from some of our friends. That's how we found Holleay, the best real estate agent in the WORLD.

Leigh and I were first time home buyers, and completely ignorant of all the ins and outs of the business of buying a home. Holleay knew this, and slowed everything down so that she could explain the process to us, so that we could understand what was going on every step of the way. Even though she could have breezed through much of it, Holleay wanted us to understand so that we were truly involved. My wife and I both greatly appreciated this.

Seven home viewings later, we found the perfect house...but it ended up being a short sale. Trust me, this was a hassle every step of the way; however, Holleay was extremely patient with us and made sure she called us to inform us about each move that the lenders were making.

Even though we were buying a smaller home, Holleay didn't make us feel like we were less important than someone buying a large oceanfront property.

The short sale process took 9 months to complete and it was a headache until the end. Holleay called us constantly to check in, adn also told us to call her whenever we needed to, even if it was just to vent! The process was grueling, but working with Holleay was wonderful.

Nine months after going under contract, we finally got the approval on the house from the banks. We were SO happy to have a home of our own!

Holleay gave my wife and I an enjoyable home buying experience during what otherwise would have seemed like a nightmare to most, with just her smile, dedication, friendship, and overall hard work.

My family believes we found a friend in a place one wouldn't expect. Holleay is welcome at our house anytime.

While you may think that you're looking for the perfect house, what you're really looking for is the most competent, professional, diligent, best negotiating Outer Banks real estate agent on the beach. Well, you just found her!

In short, Holleay will work her butt off for you, and I assure you of this: You will be taken care of beyond your expectations.

-Jerry Gibbs
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Holleay is an Expert on Outer Banks Real Estate

Holleay is not only incredibly knowledgeable about real estate in general, she is an expert on Outer Banks real estate.

Her expertise helped us tremendously, not only with our transaction, but also in educating us for making future real estate decisions.

She is not someone that is in business only for her own bottom line; she truly cares about her clients and is willing to go the extra mile for them.

My husband and I made an invaluable decision when we decided to list our Obx property with Holleay!

-Sarah Heermann
Cary, NC

Our Dreams Came True!

My husband and I worked with Holleay and we could not be more pleased with our results.

We initially just sought advice regarding a small beach house or Outer Banks lot for sale for the future and she truly guided us through the entire process of finding a suitable Obx lot for our needs.

Holleay is professional, knowledgeable, reliable and attentive to the needs of her buyers.

She offered her expertise and time to provide us with the most up to date information so that we could pursue our options to make the best choice possible and get the most for our money.

Holleay accomodated our schedule and treated us with the utmost respect during our site visit.
,br/>After we made our decision regarding the property she made it happen!

It was a very exciting time for us! It was an extremely smooth process and she communicated with us every step of the way.

I feel like Holleay has become a genuine friend that will continue to support our Outer Banks real estate endeavors. We will be able to have our dream beach home thanks to her hard work and dedication.

We would highly recommend her to any individual or family looking to purchase Obx real estate.

-Doug & Julie Oglesby
Manassas, VA

Holleay Found Us Our Outer Banks Dream Home In ONE Day!

My wife and I have been buying homes for fifteen years, both condos and single-family.

After a string a very successful purchases of both primary and vacation residences we finally hit a mortgage roadblock after the housing crisis in 2008/2009. At the same time, we had been wanting our dream home in the Outer Banks.

Holleay helped us find our dream residence in a DAY. But here's where she went the extra mile...while we easily had the down payment and qualified for a loan, all lenders were skittish on lending against condos.

Through sheer will, cajoling, (and maybe even a plea or two), Holleay not only found us a lender but leveraged her own sales reputation to make sure we got financing. She guided us through headache after headache and re-assured us that the mortgage "was gonna happen..."

Well, the lender finally came through and we close this week.

We could not have achieved this dream without Holleay. It was way beyond the call of duty, and we'll think about her every time we come down to our condo to escape the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia.

Consider this a strong recommendation - but consider Holleay a godsend.

-Tim Hermes
Arlington, VA

Thank You for Your Wisdom and Counsel


This is a very long overdue thank you for your wisdom and counsel during our Outer Banks property search.

I've struggled with the words to express our appreciation for your time, commitment, and tireless searching for just the right investment opportunity.

You listened, patiently explained, and listened some more. You saw where we should go, but let us get there on our own (with gentle guidance).

Your insight, guidance, honesty, and knowledge served us extremely well and we would recommend you to others in a heartbeat.

"We also sincerely appreciated your patience with our two kids. Taking a 7 and 2 year old on a house/property search was a bit daunting and you made all of us feel welcome, allowing us to relax even that much more.

We look forward to working with you again. Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference for anyone interested in Outer Banks real estate.

-Keith and Jennifer Wilbur

Holleay is a Consummate Professional in EVERY Respect

My wife and I came to the Outer Banks about a year ago thinking of purchasing an existing home. We were convinced it was the most affordable approach to acquiring a second home but were still a little uncertain of the process. By a stroke of luck, we found Holleay Parcker, who is patient and a firm believer in 'the buyer knows when the time is right to make a move'. She encouraged us to investigate existing Outer Banks homes in order to get a sense of the market.

After a number of months of not finding what we wanted, Holleay began educating us in the process of building a new construction home on the Obx, and how it is very different from purchasing an existing one. She did this without pressure, making strong points about the benefits of building a new home while allowing us the time we needed to consider all the options.

In particular, she allayed our fears of cost overruns. Holleay introduced us to an Outer Banks builder who walked us through several job sites describing how the cost and quality of each and every feature of the home is established beforehand. This was extremely helpful and reassuring to us. This same builder is constructing our new beach house in Southern Shores.

Holleay Parcker is a consummate professional in every respect! I am a wary buyer and she won me over with her integrity, customer focus and promptness in communications. She is genuinely interested in helping her clients make an informed decision at a time of their choosing.

I highly recommend her to anyone interested in buying a home in the Outer Banks.

-Doug Brown
Vienna, VA

It Has Been A Great Experience Working With You, Holleay!

Holleay, we just wanted to say 'thank you very much' for your help in selling our cottage 'Family Affair'. We were sad to sell our cottage in the summer of 2013 after having had so many happy years there.

Although we have never met face to face, I feel like I have known you for years. From the first time we talked on the phone about listing the cottage I knew we would become friends.

Then only four days after listing it, the cottage was under contract. (WOW!)

Everything was done by phone or email, and it couldn't have been any easier or less stressful...It has been a great experience working with you.

Hope we get to work together on another project one day. We are ONE HAPPY CLIENT!

-The Brabble Family
Ahoskie, NC

More than just our Obx Real Estate Agent, Holleay has become a Genuine, Plain-Spoken Friend as Well

Terri and I met Holleay by chance one hot summer's day, (which turned out to be our lucky day!) We called to get pricing on some property we'd seen, but wound up getting an education on the ins and outs of beach property ownership.

Holleay didn't have to take the time out of her busy day to help us, but we quickly found out that this is just how she does business.

After completing FOUR Outer Banks real estate transactions with Holleay, Terri and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone who wants only the best real estate agent to work with.

If you're looking for personal attention, high moral and ethical business dealings and a genuine, plain-spoken friend to help you every step of the way, then give Holleay a call and see for yourself the difference a real pro makes!

We would not consider doing business with anyone else.

-Ron & Terri Griffith
Glen Allen, VA

There Are Not Enough Accolades We Could Ascribe To The Work Holleay Did For Us

My wife and I had the great fortune to align ourselves with the best Outer Banks real estate agent we have EVER met.

If you know of anyone interested in purchasing real estate on the Outer Banks, this is the ONLY agent to call.

Holleay is a consummate professional. She works smart and tirelessly. She gave us an education on the meaning of 'a FULL SERVICE Obx real estate agent.

There are not enough accolades we could ascribe to the work Holleay did for us. Suffice it to say that we are now proud owners of a beach house on the Outer Banks.

If you are interested in buying or selling property on the Obx, do yourself a HUGE favor. There's only one person to call, and that's HOLLEAY.

Thanks again, Holleay. We are your friends, always!

-Kevin & Peggy Smith
North Hampton, NH

Holleay Sold Our House in 24 Hours!

We needed to sell our current house in order to buy the one we really wanted...We asked Holleay to help us with the sale of our Outer Banks home, as well as the purchase of the new one.

It took just 24 hours after we listed it with Holleay for her to put it under contract, and it was her advice and direction that made our house so enticing that it produced a buyer quickly.

We were able to sell and buy in less than a month. WOW! You will not be disappointed with Holleay.

Thanks again, Holleay. You are our NUMBER ONE Outer Banks Realtor!

-Donnie & Robin Roper

Holleay Made Buying Our Outer Banks Home EASY!

Jim and I wanted to thank you so much for the beautiful china for Carter. It was the perfect gift and how appropriate with the events of the week of his birth.

How many families can say they gained a new baby and new Outer Banks beach house all in one week?

We were so lucky to have dealt with such a caring and thoughtful Obx real estate agent.

Purchasing a cottage was a big undertaking for us and you made it easy!

We were in town last weekend and stopped by your office to bring Carter for a visit. We were so sorry we missed you. We plan on coming back in about a month or so and we look forward to you meeting our new addition.

Again, thank you for all your kindness and I'll forward some pictures until you can see the real thing.

-Michelle & Jim Saunders

Holleay Brings It ALL To The Table!

Holleay has been my Obx real estate agent on both the buying and selling ends of the business. She brings it ALL to the table.

Holleay is familiar with the local Outer Banks real estate market, yet can easily discuss national market trends and forecasts as well. She offers an array of qualified professional resources - inspectors, lawyers, loan agents, etc.

Holleay tells you the truth - positives, negatives, upsides, downsides, even what I might not want to hear.

She negotiates aggressively and puts my interests first. She keeps her promises and communicates with me in a timely fashion, and she has a fabulous work ethic.

It is SO enjoyable to work with someone who enjoys what she does!

-Sally Rice
Kitty Hawk, NC

Holleay Went Above & Beyond My Expectations

I have purchased homes in the Corolla NC area, and Holleay has represented me in these dealings.

I have found Holleay to be a knowledgeable professional in all aspects of the real estate business.

She went above and beyond my expectations to assist me, not only with the purchases, but after she made the sale as well, by continuing to help me with matters in dealing with the local government, as well as securing a rental agency to represent my properties.

I would not hesitate to recommend Holleay to anyone interested in buying or selling in the OBX area, and I will be using her on my next investment property as well.

-Ed Wilson
Hampton, VA

All I Can Say is WOW! What an Agent!

I wanted to sell my Outer Banks property fast and for top dollar, and I'd just received one of Holleay's success postcards, where she'd put a home in my neighborhood under contract in 10 days.

I gave her a call, and decided to list my home with her. She listed it on Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, and put the sign on the property after dark. (I'm convinced Holleay works 24/7!)

I couldn't believe it, but FOUR days later, we were under contract!

I will recommend Holleay to my friends, because I've seen for myself that Holleay delivers more than she promises.

Thanks again, Holleay, for helping me.

-Tim Childress
Suffolk, VA

Holleay's Knowledge of Outer Banks Real Estate & Her Customer Service Skills are Outstanding!

As a long-standing Navy civilian employee, and someone that needs a break from time to time from the daily grind of working at the Naval Base in Norfolk, I finally made the decision to purchase a beach cottage on the Outer Banks.

My wife and I were fortunate to engage your services for our purchase. Your knowledge of Obx real estate, your customer service skills, and your helping hand along the way were all outstanding.

It was a pleasure working with you, and knowing the relationship will continue because of your offer to provide help or services we may need in the future.

This 'long-term relationship' is important and gratifying, and we certainly appreciate all you have done for us.

-Dick Carlsen
Va Beach, VA

My Wife & I Could Not BELIEVE The Level Of Service Holleay Provided!

My wife and I were living in Charlotte and wanted a better environment in which to raise our young but growing family. We traveled several times to the Wilmington/Southport area and worked with several realtors but were concerned about the public schools and decided to visit the Outer Banks before making a final decision.

After contacting several Outer Banks realtors we met Holleay Parcker online and she was an immediate success for us, corresponding regularly and thoroughly. Upon our first ever visit to the Outer Banks she showed us houses we had requested to see, along with a few she chose in a neighborhood we had never heard of.

As an expert on the Outer Banks real estate market, she sold us on this neighborhood which was just a mile from the local elementary school where we had three children attending. She then found us one of the best lots in the neighborhood, negotiated down to the top of our price range, and we bought it, sight unseen! That is the level of trust we had and have in Holleay, we bought the lot, sight unseen!

But Holleay wasn't done. She proceeded to be the OBX Energizer Bunny, finding us a quality, upscale builder we could afford, coordinated with him throughout the entire pre-construction and construction process, oversaw the building of our home and after we moved in, Holleay became our neighbor.

My wife and I could not believe the level of service we received from Holleay. She went far beyond any expectations we had and delivered us an affordable dream home in a great place to raise a family. And the Crook Family lived happily ever after thanks to Holleay Parcker of Spinnaker Realty.

Thank you, Holleay!

-Barrett Crook
Kitty Hawk, NC

Holleay was our Complete Resource Throughout the Process


Holleay has forever changed our perception of what you can expect from an Obx realtor. Holleay's honest personal approach ensured that we found the home of our dreams. Holleay was our advocate from the beginning of our Obx real estate search, throughout the closing, and she continues to work with us after the closing.

She was our complete resources throughout the entire process.

In short, Holleay was not only our realtor, but also our guide in becoming a member of a new community. We will always be grateful to Holleay, and we consider Holleay our personal friend.

-Mike & Sally Gerdes
Midlothian, VA

Easiest Home Sale EVER!

Holleay was a great asset when it came to selling my mom's house. Mom passed away, and my family and I were tasked with selling a house we didn't know much about, other than its age and layout. Holleay not only showed care and compassion during this difficult time, but she took the bull by the horns and sold the house within 4 weeks!

Holleay has a tremendous grasp of the Outer Banks real state market, and she used this knowledge to educate us on how to price the house correctly to attract a buyer. She was able to negotiate a fair price, and we found ourselves at the closing table with minimal effort required on our part.

She answered all of our questions and just went above and beyond every step of the way. Holleay was the total package - continually providing us with helpful information and experienced guidance.

It is very difficult to put into words how much we appreciate Holleay. THANK YOU for helping us. You were great!

-Melissa Stragand

It has positively been our Pleasure getting to know Holleay. We are proud to call her a true FRIEND; she is not just our Outer Banks real estate agent.

We live in Virginia Beach, so the OBX is a perfect weekend getaway for us. For the past couple of years we've been staying at a friend's condo when we came down. We finally decided that we wanted to buy a place of our own. We saw a few condos in the same complex that we wanted to look at. We called three agents and left messages. Holleay was the first to return our call, and our joyous journey began.

After looking at a few condo units, we put an offer in on one. The deal fell through. We decided that it wasn't the right time for us to buy a home in the OBX. Holleay assured us that we would find the right place when we were ready.

Over the next year we continued to look. Whenever we came into town Holleay was always available to show us houses that we wanted to look at. After getting to know us personally she knew what we were looking for. Then she showed us our dream home.

As we went through the process from putting in an offer all the way to closing, there were a few bumps in the road; Holleay smoothed them out just as soon as they came up. Whenever a concern or fear arose, she dealt with it immediately. There was never a time that she did not have an answer to an issue. Holleay told us that she would walk over hot coals to make sure we got the house of our dreams, and she did.

Holleay has an excellent team of professionals that assisted us throughout the process. We can't say enough about the exceptional job Holleay and her team provided. Her skills were unlike any real estate agent we have ever seen. She truly is the best in the OBX.

At closing, she even got our dog Napoleon a house warming present!

Holleay is not just there when you're ready to buy or sell; she's there for you whenever you need her. A month after closing we had a problem with our plumbing. We called her and she referred us to a plumber who repaired our leak that very day, on a holiday weekend... once again proving that she has an amazing team of professionals at her disposal who know how to get the job done.

It has positively been our pleasure getting to know Holleay. We are proud to call her a true friend; she's not just our real estate agent. We would HIGHLY recommend Holleay to anyone interested in buying or selling on the Outer Banks.

-Tim & Fay Wagner
Virginia Beach, VA

There Are No Words To Express Our Good Fortune In Finding Holleay

Holleay helped us tremendously. She worked very hard in finding us "THE" house. She would not let us settle for anything less.

Holleay will find "THE" house for you, too, without pressure...

She was extremely helpful throughout the contract process, from making the offer through the settlement, which we accomplished in just two weeks!

You will not find anyone who will work as hard for you as Holleay does. You'll find yourselves, just as we did, thinking how fortunate you are to have her as your Obx real estate agent.

There are no words for us to express our good fortune to have found Holleay.

-Bob & Judy Knaub
Duncannon, PA

We Found Our Perfect Match With Holleay!

Lots of people find their perfect match online; we sure did when we found Holleay!

We came across Holleay's website while looking for a home on the Outer Banks, NC. It was not like the other Obx realtors websites that we had looked at.

Her philosophy was exactly what we had been searching for. Holleay was focused and determined to help us make our dreams come true.

We would recommend Holleay to anyone who is looking for their special place in the sun and wants to know that they have the best Obx real estate agent in their corner.

-Kevin & Laura Reilly
Richmond, VA

Holleay is the BEST Obx Realtor!

Holleay is simply the BEST!

We had such a great experience with Holleay when we bought our Outer Banks house that it would never have occurred to us to go anywhere else when we decided to sell.

Again, Holleay came through for us. She is terrific, and our house sold in just 18 days, despite the sluggish market.

We love Holleay, and when we buy our next house, you can be sure who our Obx realtor will be.

-Jim & Vicki Montgomery

With Holleay, The Process Was Effortless


Thanks, Holleay, for helping me purchase my new home on the Outer Banks! As a first-time home buyer, I was unfamiliar with the process, but you assisted me every step of the way.

When my parents and I first contacted you, we were frantic, because there was so little time before I had to move and start my job there. You went to work and with your thorough knowledge of the market, were able to find me just the right home in less than one week!

I really appreciate all that you did to help get me squared away. With you as my Obx buyer's agent, the process seemed effortless.

I will gladly refer anyone who has an Outer Banks real estate need to you, because I know they will get the same great service that I did!

Many thanks!

-Lori Ann Watkinds
Kill Devil Hills, NC

We Picked the Best Possible Outer Banks Realtor When We Chose Holleay

If you're looking for an Outer Banks realtor who will truly earn her commission, look no further.

Holleay served us twice as a buyer's agent and once as our listing agent. She was a dual agent for one of the times we were buying, and then again when the house we were selling went under contract. She served us very well as a dual agent, although we got the best glimpse of her strengths when there was another agent involved. This is because Holleay is a highly ethical agent - when she serves both parties in a sale, she is careful to be sure that both parties are treated fairly, and without bias or inappropriate disclosures. Yet her strengths go much deeper...>br/>
When she represented us in the purchase of our current Outer Banks home, she was proactive in learning everything she could about the seller's situation - for each of the properties we considered purchasing. She was careful to point out potential problems with the properties as well as their better features.

Although it was clear when she thought we were headed in the wrong direction, it was also clear that she got to know us and our preferences, and was able to help us reflect on what we liked or didn't like about a property. It was her attempt to understand what we wanted that ultimately helped US to recognize the house that would end up being a great match - and indeed, it has been perfect!

When the negotiations began, we could clearly see that we had picked the best possible Obx realtor. Since she knew the seller's situation, she was able to help us get the best possible price. Holleay wasn't afraid to go to bat for us and carve off as much off the cost as she could. Once we were under contract, she was very detailed in her assessment of what the seller should complete before closing, and again, was clear and direct in seeing that those details were addressed.

Holleay knows the Outer Banks real estate market. She knows how and when to make a price adjustment, and she has a good grasp of what that price should be. She knows what works to market a house and what is unnecessary. She was respectful of our suggestions and needs, but was not afraid to say when something would be less effective or even detrimental in procuring prospective buyers.

Holleay was always willing to listen and discuss our questions, and to help us think through the alternatives. Again, she was proactive at following up with other Obx agents to see what the buyers thought, and to help put a positive spin on their concerns. We learned to trust her judgment and guidance with confidence. In fact, we regret that she can't help us sell a property we have on the market in a different region!

Finally, one of Holleay's real strengths is the team of professionals she has collected to provide guidance when legal or financial questions arise, and to assist us in arranging the details of purchasing or selling an Outer Banks home. The quality of advice and guidance we got from Holleay's team was quite impressive.

Bottom line: if you need an ethical, proactive, knowledgeable Outer Banks realtor to help you buy or sell on the OBX, then Holleay is the right choice for you.

-Tony & Nancy Gray
Kill Devil Hills, NC

Holleay Consistently Represented Our Best Interests

Buying a home can be a burdensome endeavor, however, Holleay made the experience a pure delight.

Holleay's knowledge and passion for the Outer Banks real estate market has provided us key information one can't find in the local papers or magazines.

She consistently represented our best interests and kept us informed through each vital step!


-Rich & Bev Pruzina
Kill Devil Hills, NC

"I'm on it!" That's Holleays creed...

My husband Frank and I started out having an interest in a small lot on Hatteras Island near our son. We ended up purchasing another lot and starting construction on our dream getaway home. I made a phone call about a home we had seen and immediately got a return call from Holleay. (By the way, she was the first and ONLY realtor to return our call, and we had called and left messages for many). But more importantly, Holleay answered each and every question we had with an “I’m on it!” attitude. Simply said, she did what she said she was going to do. We could never have made this happen without Holleay. She was patient with our ramblings, and guided us to suitable properties that were not only within our budget, but met the criteria that we were actually looking for. Occasionally that meant being frank with us about properties that didn’t really meet our criteria, even though at first blush, we thought they might. And you know what? She was right! And she was right because she had truly listened to what we wanted our home to have. Holleay’s knowledge of the Outer Banks is impressive. She knows neighborhoods, flood zones, building restrictions, etc. She has a network of people that she referred us to that have the same high standards of service that she does. To say we are pleased is an understatement. We not only have an Outer Banks real estate expert as a friend; we also have a “nephew” bichon named Zeke!

-Frank & Debbie Samuel
Chesapeake, VA

Holleay Gave No Room For Negotiation On Price

Thank you for your telephone call today, I was delighted that your negotiations with the State of North Carolina were so fruitful, and that you were able to achieve the full price that we agreed was the true market value.

Your expertise and professionalism were really appreciated. You did your homework and gave them no room for negotiations on the price.

I cannot thank you enough.

-Stanley Shaw
Satellite Beach, FL

Holleay Is Knowledgeable, Honest, Accessible, Hard Working, Truthful, Calming, Trustworthy, and Smart

Holleay Parcker is:


My husband and I LOVE the Outer Banks, and all that it has to offer. We both enjoy fishing and crabbing, and we love to swim in the ocean. We love to take long walks on the beach at sunrise. We love sunsets on the sound...

In the summer of 2008 we decided to look for an Outer Banks beach house. We began looking at various houses for sale within our price range on the internet.

Fred found a website that gave 'tips on buying Outer Banks real estate'. The website was very informative. After reading the information we called the number listed.

Holleay answered the phone. Anybody who knows her knows her signature 'this is Holleay' which reflects her cheerful personality right away.

After listening to me discussing what Fred and I were looking for, she then began to talk to me about the various areas of the Outer Banks and the types of houses that I should consider.

She promptly emailed me several Outer Banks MLS listings to review. We decided to make a trip and look at some homes.

After meeting Holleay and her beloved dog, Connor (Holleay calls him 'the real estate poodle'), we knew that we had found the perfect agent for us.

Holleay embodies everything that I mentioned in the beginning, but there's so much more to her.

She loves her dog Connor as much as we love our dog. We talked about our dogs and family and the importance of both in our lives, as well as the love a dog freely gives for food, water and the 'occasional treat'.

Holleay mentioned that she had run out of treats for Connor, and needed to pick some up.

I jokingly replied to her that I wasn't going to buy a house from her until she bought some treats for her dog. Little did I realize how prophetic that statement would become...

Holleay took her time with us the week we were down; she never rushed my husband and I. We never felt pressure that we HAD to buy a house. She taught us so much about the area and the importance of dune lines, beach access, and much more.

Every day I asked Holleay if she had gotten Connor any treats yet. Each day she would tell me, "No Ruth, I haven't had time."

Then we found the house we wanted.

We were so excited to put an offer in on the house, only to have the seller reject it.

Holleay assured us that we had put in a good offer. We could go back with a counter, but we said no, we knew it was a good offer also.

Time had run out for us to buy an Outer Banks beach house during this trip, and we were leaving the next morning.

We were so comfortable with Holleay by now that I teased her and said the reason the offer was rejected was because she hadn't gotten Connor any treats.

While we were very disappointed, Holleay tried to lift our spirits and said, "You know, if it's supposed to happen, it will."

Fred said that we would wait a couple of weeks and then return to try again.

So we left the beach without buying a house. The trip was 6 1/2 hours...that's a long time to feel so disappointed.

As we walked inside our house my phone rang. Guess who?

It was Holleay, telling me that she had finally gotten around to getting Connor his treats, and that as she was putting them into her car, her phone had rung.

Guess who?

It was the seller's agent saying that the seller had reconsidered and would like to negotiate out our offer.

We both laughed as Holleay promised she would NEVER let Connor run out of treats again!

If I can give you any advice, please give Holleay a call if you're interested in owning a beach cottage on the Outer Banks. You'll find that she is everything I've said, and then some. Truly you will not be disappointed.

One call and I think you'll be convinced that you want her on your side whether you're buying or selling an Obx home.

We're going to add one more thing to our list about Holleay..

She has become our friend as well as our Outer Banks real estate agent.

Thanks to Holleay (and the power of TREATS!) we are now the new owner of our very own Outer Banks beach house!

-Fred & Ruth Hettling
Baltimore, MD

Holleay Will Deliver All Viable Options For Your Needs


Describe for Holleay what type of Outer Banks real estate you want to buy, and she will deliver to you all the viable options for your needs.

If you want to sell your Outer Banks property, she will do a successful job of representing your interests to get it sold in a timely fashion and at a good price.

She has done both for me.

-Rob Hawk
Southern Shores, NC

Holleay Is The Best Agent We Have Ever Worked With

Holleay is the best agent we have ever worked with. No detail was ever too small for her to look into for us when we had a question.

Holleay was extremely patient with all aspects of the process and never made us feel like we were bothering her with our "million questions".

-Sue Ferrera

FOUR Transactions With Holleay - The Best Agent on the Beach!

I first heard about Holleay through my friends Linda and Joe, who bought their home through Holleay. They told me to give her a call, and that I wouldn't be disappointed.

They were right!

In 2003, I purchased an Outer Banks lot for sale through Holleay and then resold it 8 months later. It sold for $80,000 more than I paid for it. $80,000 appreciation in 8 months!

I completed a 1031 exchange, and Holleay identified another area poised for growth...so I've purchased another lot with Holleay as my Outer Banks buyer's agent.

In all, I've completed 4 transactions with Holleay representing my interests. Her knowledge of the Obx real estate market is extraordinary and her negotiating skills are such that I'm grateful she's working for me!

If you're looking for an agent who will commit 110% of her knowledge, her resources, and her skills to your investment well-being, then look no further.

You've just found the best Outer Banks real estate agent on the beach!

-Christine Cantrell
New Hyde Park, NY

Our Family Will Always Be Grateful To Holleay


Holleay is the best Obx real estate agent and all around great person you will ever find. My siblings and I were dealing with the loss of our mom, and then to deal with selling her home seem unbearable, until Holleay came along and handled everything for us.

She made the entire process not just tolerable, but nearly effortless. She went well above and beyond her duties, and our family will forever be grateful for such a godsend.

-Heather Franco

Holleay Is Remarkably Insightful...

I have bought and sold many homes during the last 35 years that involved 9 separate realtor transactions. I can wholeheartedly say that Holleay Parcker is by far the BEST REAL ESTATE AGENT I have ever met. She is experienced, motivated, hardworking and incredibly patient.

The house she sold for us in Southern Shores was a difficult and complicated deal involving a soon-to-be- ex-husband with a different agenda, a myriad of home inspection issues, and absentee owners living in different parts of the country. Holleay was at all times the consummate professional who went above and beyond to guide us through the sales and negotiation process - and she did it in less than 4 months!

She is remarkably insightful when it comes to both people and real estate market issues and will give you invaluable advice. At the end of the day, our house not only sold, but I also made a new friend!

If you're looking to either buy or sell property in the OBX, you should definitely call Holleay.  She is one of the best at her craft.

- Cindy Whitten, Tampa FL

If You Need An Agent, Call Holleay!

My husband and I lived in Kitty Hawk years ago where we met Holleay and became friends. As retirement approached and we decided to move back to Kitty Hawk, there was no doubt in our mind who we would want to help us find the last house we would ever buy. We spent several months looking for just the right house and Holleay found it for us.

Her experience and knowledge of the Outer Banks and real estate was outstanding. We were living out of state during the offer, contract and closing of the house and Holleay was always there to help us along the way making everything easy. We have bought and sold a few homes over the years and I can honestly say Holleay has been the best, most responsive agent we have ever worked with.

She is a relentless advocate for her clients. She got us everything that we wanted in our contract and some things we didn't even think to ask for. Her knowledge of the closing process on the Outer Banks is unbeatable and made the entire closing process go off without a single hitch. If someone needed to be at our new house for anything, she was always there to do it in our absence. She was always there for us every step of the way and we can't thank her enough for everything that she did for us.

Holleay, THANK YOU! We love our new home and we could not have done it without you.

-Steve and Debbie LeRoy Kitty Hawk, NC

We Highly Recommend Holleay To Anyone Looking For A Home On The Outer Banks!

On a recent vacation to the Outer Banks, we saw a listing for a house that we decided to look at. Realizing that we needed a buyer's agent, we sent out an email to a few agents. Holleay answered immediately. Thank goodness she did, because working with Holleay has been a wonderful experience.

We didn't buy that house, but did schedule another trip and sent Holleay a long list of houses to see. She made the arrangements to see everyone one during our two day visit. She pointed out so many things from how many hours of sun the pool was going to get, to how best to get around during the summer tourist season, and everything in between...

We returned home to discuss the pros and cons of the houses we had seen. When we finally decided on the one we wanted - that's when Holleay's expertise came into play. She negotiated a fantastic deal, but the sellers needed a quick close. Holleay lined up all the inspections and worked with our bank to insure we closed on time.

- Len and MaryLou Ulicny Kitty Hawk NC

You Want Holleay On Your Side

The easiest way to sum up doing business with Holleay is that you want her on your side! She will work relentlessly to help you find what you are looking for, but she doesn't stop there. Rest assured, she will also be the best advocate you could ever hope for in any interactions leading up to a happy purchase! Also, you never have to try to read between the lines to figure out what she is trying to tell you... Holleay is super straight-forward and open in all her interactions. I love her genuine approach to business.

- Audrey Hammond, Kill Devil Hills NC

It's Refreshing To Work With Someone Who Works So Diligently On Behalf Of Her Clients

I was very fortunate to refer a valuable client to Holleay for several lots she was looking to sell. Holleay hit the ground running and by the time the properties came on the market, they ALL had offers.

She is extremely knowledgeable about the area, planning and zoning changes, and who to go to for answers to her questions. It's refreshing to work with someone who works so diligently on behalf of her clients.

If you are buying or selling on the Outer Banks, you absolutely cannot go wrong by selecting Holleay as your agent!

- Tim Massey Realtor, ABR, SFR, REO Certified www.tmassey.smithmtnlake.com

Holleay Truly Is A Full Service Realtor!

From the first time we viewed Holleay's web site, we felt connected to her. She helped us find the PERFECT home. She was very prepared, and very knowledgeable about all the areas we inquired about. Holleay will work endlessly to get you your perfect home. She truly is a full service realtor!

- Tim Massey Realtor, ABR, SFR, REO Certified www.tmassey.smithmtnlake.com

Holleay Has Been Everything We Expected Plus Much More

My wife and I have used Holleay Parcker, owner of Spinnaker Realty, on both the buy and sell sides in the past year. Holleay has been everything we expected plus much more. She went above and beyond in guiding and helping us through what can be a very complex and sometimes frustrating experienced. We were very pleased with her as our realtor.

-Paul Melnyk, Nags Head NC

Friendly, Professional, and Very Effective

After several wonderful vacations in the Outer Banks area, we decided to explore real estate options. Holleay was a wonderful buyer's agent. She was friendly, professional and very effective in helping us navigate the OBX market. Her talents, networking skill and kind advice resulted in finding our dream home. She even set up the inspections, and contractor estimates for us.

We had never experienced such complete help from a realtor in our past purchases... She is truly a wonderful person and puts her heart and soul into her client's transactions. We were grateful as even after we closed on the home, she continues to stay in touch, checking in to assist. She has been an outstanding agent and someone we both consider a friend.

- Tamara and Allan Howard, Avon NC

We Would Highly Recommend Working With Holleay

When we recently sold our house in Grandy NC, Holleay with Spinnaker Realty contacted us as the buyer's agent. She made the experience easy and smooth! We were able to sell the house in a matter of weeks because of her prompt attention to details.

Holleay was easy to get a hold of; she returns calls within a matter of minutes. She was able to negotiate a deal between us and the buyers, where I feel everyone walked away happy, which isn't always easy to do. I witnessed what a thorough and professional job she did. We would highly recommend working with Holleay.

- Frieda Harris, Grandy NC

One Of The Best Decisions In My Lifetime Was Asking Holleay To Represent My Property & My Interests

Some of the words that immediately come to mind when describing Holleay are 'extremely professional', 'incredibly knowledgeable' and, most importantly to me, 'completely honest'. Over the years I have required the services of real estate sales professionals and soon learned on far too many occasions that the term 'professional' was truly not a fitting description for the services with which I was provided...

When I decided to sell my family's home in Kitty Hawk, I sough the advice of some friends with considerable knowledge on the subject. The almost instantaneous reply by each was that one name was at the top of their lists, Holleay Parcker. In addition to the superlatives I noted above, I was informed that Holleay diligently represents the interests of her clients, is readily available to her clients when needed and that the level of her efforts goes well beyond the norm of her profession, all of which I quickly came to realize were completely accurate and well earned.

When I met with Holleay for the first time, I was surprised to develop such a high comfort level with and trust of her, as well as the information she set forth before me, something which is quite out of character for me, given my extremely cautious nature regarding people I don't know and circumstances I am unfamiliar with based on the knowledge have gained through my own life experiences. Holleay came extremely well prepared, as expected, and was completely open, honest and thorough with me about the current housing market in my neighborhood and the surrounding areas, and the prospects for my home sale, including supporting documentation and information.

Much to my amazement, my family's home was under contract, and at full listing price, within approximately one day from when Holleay officially listed it! Throughout the process that followed, Holleay was with me every step of the way, guiding me, making it as simple and stress-free as possible for me, professional as always, and going the extra mile.

I need to note that I must add the words 'truly compassionate' to my description of Holleay. Shortly before this entire process began, my beloved and wonderful mother passed away. Holleay was incredibly supportive of me during this most difficult of times, minimizing the level of stress for me during the home sale process and offering heartfelt words of encouragement which helped me immensely.

This brings me to my final addition of a word to describe Holleay. That word is 'friend'! As a side benefit to Holleay's superb representation of my interests in this matter, I have gained a valued friend, one who I have and will continue to recommend personally and professionally.

Thank you Holleay!

-Mike Faigen, Kitty Hawk NC

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